Martine Robertson is a homeopath and energetic healer practising from her clinic in Coffs Harbour, she frequently holds workshops and healing nights to all walks of life. Martine holds a Bachelor in Homeopathic Medicine from Nature Care College in Sydney, a Diploma of metaphysical healing from Chiara College in Sydney. She loves igniting passion in others through bringing into awareness the amazing and unique gifts we all have inside bursting to come out and shine unto the world.

Homeopath, Spiritual healer and Youth Mentor

Martine Roberston


Hi, I’m Giselle. I am a mother of four, an early childhood educator with over 20 years’ experience, a youth mentor and a self-confessed personal development addict. I am committed to being the best version of myself and using the skills and expertise I have cultivated in my own journey so far, to guide others.


Children are one of my passions. Working with them and raising them, continues to bring me many life lessons. Children are not only great teachers, they are some of the happiest and most fulfilled individuals I will ever meet, and I believe as adults we can learn a great deal from these miniature human beings.


IMAGINE a world where humans transition from childhood to adulthood believing in themselves, viewing their “childlike” characteristics (curiosity, excitement, persistence, trust, wonder and love) as a superpower and knowing their uniqueness is to be celebrated because there is no other human in this world like them. IMAGINE!


So much of who we are is shaped in our early years and that’s where Little G Mentoring comes in. With my playful attitude, a toolbox of skills and strategies, I have made it my purpose to inspire, empower and ignite the light in the hearts of children, teens and families through guiding them to honour their own and each other’s individual strengths and re- connect with the childlike qualities that guides them back to the inner child within. I support children and adults alike to stay curious and find their joy!

Early childhood Educator, Youth Mentor.

Giselle Pitt

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