What sparked Trista passion?

Trista at one of the Workshops teaching about facials.

Growing up in Sydney with 2 sisters in the 1980’s was a fun and free time! We were always obsessed with mud pies, ballet, dress up’s and potions!! We would make concoctions from the weeds in the garden, my mum’s laundry detergent, water from the swimming pool or anything else we could get our hands on!!!..... Then the adventures would start!!

It was when we grew older that we turned our interest to Skin care. Masks, scrubs, tea-bag rituals, cucumber and rosemary headache balms and anything else we could find, had heard of or seen in Dolly Magazine! All of our inventions had to come from my mum’s pantry or fridge. That was our rule as there was no way she would give us any money for our weird and wacky experiments.

We really did not have a clue what we were doing and being the youngest of 3 I was mainly used as the guinea pig. We would experiment with yoghurt and oat hair masks mixed with egg yolk for protein! Lemon juice and vinegar to lighten our dark brown tresses and salt, sugar and lemon scrubs to kill any potential Zits!!!

Looking back perhaps we were onto a really good thing.

Chemical free, natural and highly potent skin care made with love and attention. Isn’t that what we all look for now?

In our Empowered Blossom workshops I always go on about the importance of understanding what we put onto our skin and making conscious choices with our skin care and make-up, as our skin is our largest organ of our amazing body!!

Fast forward from the 1980’s to 2018 we know a lot more about the amazing benefits and qualities some foods have on our skin.

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